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BTTS stats Database with match data from over 60 leagues.

Both Teams to score, commonly abbreviated to BTTS, is one of the most popular types of bet placed today.

This is a popular choice of football bet as it’s simple and great for value.

All that is required is for both teams to score in the match. Either team can win the match The scoreline can finish 1-1, 3-1 or even 10-1, as long as both teams score in the match then your bet wins. Using our statistics we have compiled a list where both teams have scored in the match.

No sure thing exists in betting, however our BTTS stats and predictions will be of assistance when helping choosing your selections.

Stats - Current Season

BTTS Stats - Top 15

Both Teams To Score (BTTS).
Matches where both teams scored.
1Real Madrid12 /13 matches92%
2Napoli7 /8 matches88%
3Öster13 /15 matches87%
4Brühl26 /30 matches87%
5Syrianska12 /15 matches80%
6Torino30 /38 matches79%
7Adana Demirspor27 /34 matches79%
8Džiugas Telšiai11 /14 matches79%
9Perth Glory21 /27 matches78%
10Melbourne City21 /27 matches78%
11Liaoning Kaixin14 /18 matches78%
12Werder Bremen26 /34 matches76%
13Wacker Innsbruck27 /36 matches75%
14Hammarby12 /16 matches75%
15Fluminense12 /16 matches75%

BTTS Stats

Matches where both teams scored.

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