Scored In Both Halves - What Teams Are Best?

Everything you need to know about Teams that score in both halves, from over 300+ leagues.

Teams That Score in Both Halves

TeamSBH%Next MatchAVG Goals
1Nõmme Kalju17 /23 matches74%In 6 Days3.3
2Tambov5 /7 matches71%In 6 Days1.71
3Santos9 /13 matches69%In 3 Days3.54
4Beijing Guoan13 /19 matches68%In 6 Days2.47
5Albirex Niigata S14 /21 matches67%Sat - Sep 152.95
6Lillestrøm9 /15 matches60%In 5 Days3.33
7Aalesund11 /19 matches57%In 7 Days2.26
8Peñarol14 /24 matches57%In 6 Days2.38
9Tallinna FC Levadia13 /23 matches56%In 6 Days3.13
10Trans13 /23 matches56%In 6 Days2.26
11Dundalk15 /27 matches56%Tomorrow2.52
12César Vallejo10 /18 matches56%In 5 Days1.89
13Liepāja9 /16 matches56%In 5 Days2.06
14Dinamo St. Petersburg4 /7 matches56%In 6 Days1.71
15Tallinna FC Flora12 /22 matches55%In 5 Days3.23

How to Analyse Scoring in Both Halves

This is probably one of the more obvious markets and you might think analysing is not needed. However, there are certain trends and teams you can look out for when thinking about betting on this market:

  • Mismatch in Quality: This is something you should look for. Do we have a gulf in quality between the two sides here? If so, how many goals has the better side averaged this season and do they often score in the first half of games?
  • First Half Goals: Teams that often score many goals in the first half naturally have a better chance of scoring in the second half, as the team they're facing will become tired. The majority of goals across the leagues we cover are scored in the second half.
  • Poor Defending: It doesn't matter if they're at home or away, if they can't defend then they can't defend. Some teams on FootyStats have conceded over 4.00 goals per game on average this season. Now, will all of those goals come in one half? Unlikely.
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