Operating Company

This website (FootyStats.org) is operated by Over-Under Digital Inc.

Subscription Terms and Conditions

This Terms and Conditions enables you to understand FootyStats Premium and API services better.


You can cancel your Premium or API membership at any time. No further payments will occur once you've canceled.

All API/Premium features are retained until the end of your paid subscription.

You can cancel at https://footystats.org/u/membership by clicking on "I want to unsubscribe from Premium".

CSV Credits

  • 1 CSV credit is used per CSV download
  • Each user is limited to 100 CSV downloads per month. Pending on a successful renewal payment.
  • User may receive more CSV credits if they purchase more at https://footystats.org/buy-csv-credits

Friendly Upgrade Terms

  • Your account will be upgraded to FootyStats Premium immediately upon payment.
  • You will receive new future Premium features as long as you are subscribed to Premium.
  • You will be automatically charged monthly for Credit Card, Debit Card, or PayPal payments.

Refund Policy

Most online subscriptions do not accept refund requests. All sales are final.

Renewal payments are non-refundable. You must cancel before your renewal.

Data Terms

Data are provided on a per-available basis. 100% coverage in every corner is not realistically possible for any service.

We strive to elevate to 90% coverage for each league, but no guarantees!

Other Terms

Predictions on footystats.org are made entirely by 3rd party users(unaffiliated with footystats). They are not suggestions and we do NOT bear any responsibilities for your outcomes.

These are simply possible predictions of the outcomes of the football games and we are not responsible for any outcomes.

Contact Terms


We do not respond to all emails. Those with urgent or payment related issues will be prioritized.

Any emails containing abusive languages or aggressive attitude will be ignored.

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