List of Football Managers

Liverpool Manager Jurgen Klopp and Manchester City Manager Pep Guariola

Who Is The Best Football Manager?

What it means to be a football manager has changed during the past decade. Now more than ever, clubs are business-first, football second. It seems near impossible that we will see another manager like Sir Alex Ferguson, coming into a club and being given the time to build a true dynasty. Rich owners crave an almost immediate return on their investment, and that never bodes well for a manager who's still finding his way.

Management styles are always adapting, possibly with the personalities of the players. Jose Mourinho had an unbelievable amount of success earlier in his career, but take a closer look at the squads that he built and you will find patterns. He was always the master ego, the main man in the room. Things can fall apart quickly for Jose–and other managers with this style of man management–when the dressing room contains players with bigger egos. Great managers find the balance between respect, authority and friendship. I can think of no better example than Jurgen Klopp. He builds a bond so strong with his players that dissapointing him would cause the players pain, but there's also that degree of trust that allows the players to express themselves.

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