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What is a Clean Sheet?

Clean Sheets (CS) happens when in football a team doesn't concede a goal to the opposing team. Mostly the goalkeeper takes the majority of the credit for stopping all shots.

How often does a team keep a clean sheet?

Dive into our stats and find out! Our clean sheet stats cover over 50 major leagues and competitions from around the world.

Stats - Current Season

Clean Sheets - Top 15

#TeamClean Sheets
Clean Sheets (CS).
Matches where this team conceded 0 goals.
1Tirana7 /8 matches88%
2Valletta9 /11 matches82%
3Crvena Zvezda13 /17 matches76%
4Agropecuario6 /8 matches75%
5Unión Española9 /12 matches75%
6Stade Malien Bamako14 /19 matches74%
7Porto8 /11 matches73%
8Metalac GM10 /14 matches71%
9Slavia Praha10 /14 matches71%
10Acassuso9 /13 matches69%
11Maribor11 /16 matches69%
12Manchester United8 /12 matches67%
13Barcelona8 /12 matches67%
14Belgrano6 /9 matches67%
15Unión Santa Fe6 /9 matches67%

Clean Sheets

Matches where this team conceded 0 goals.

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