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Best Forwards Right Now

What an exciting time, with Robert Lewandowski leading the scoring charts. They have scored an impressive 41 this season. However, David Antonio Rugamas Leiva currently tops the charts for the most goals scored per 90 minutes. They have managed to score 2.68 goals per 90 minutes this season. Robert Lewandowski may have more goals, but David Antonio Rugamas Leiva has done more with his time on the pitch. The next best in this category is Ewa Pajor, with 2.06 goals per 90 minutes.

Most Creative Players Right Now

We have mentioned the forwards, but what about the players that create the chances for them? Right now, the player with the most assists is Thomas Müller with 18 direct assists in 32 Bundesliga games. It doesn't stop there, with the player also scoring 11 goals this season. An amazing contribution that the manager will be delighted with. A mention for 2nd and 3rd place, too. The performances of Dušan Tadić has seen an average of 0.59 assists per 90 minutes this season, whilst Carlos Borges has directly created a goal every 100 minutes in the U18 Premier League.

Premier League Golden Boot

Some call it the toughest league in the world. Harry Kane might disagree with you. He's scored 23 goals this season having played 35 times. In 2nd place in the race for the Golden Boot, and 1 goals behind Harry Kane is Mohamed Salah with 22 goals from 37.

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