Successful Betting Systems

Why Do We Need Betting Systems?

Consistently Winning Football Bets is Hard...

That's why we have spent time producing these profitable, rigorously tested betting systems for our users. The guides below require discipline and patience.

1 - The Under X In-Play System

The Under X In-Play System - Successful Betting Strategy
  • Profit : $2300 Dollars
  • ROI : 288 %
  • Investment : $800 Dollars
  • Bets Tested : 600 Bets

Tested with over 600 bets and profitable since day 1, the Under-X In-Play System was developed using FootyStats' goal stats to absolutely minimize losing chance on an Under-X In-Play bet. Repeat multiple wins to build a big profit over-time. This one takes patience.

2 - The 5% Daily Profit System

The 5% Daily Profit System - Successful Betting Strategy
  • Profit : $312 Dollars
  • ROI : 312 %
  • Investment : $100 Dollars
  • Bets Tested : 90 Bets

This strategy provides a slow and steady approach to profit building, while also mapping out the kind of bets required to carry it out to its fullest potential. A strategy known as the 5% Daily Profit System.

3 - Late Corners System

Late Corners System - Successful Betting Strategy
  • Profit : $470 Dollars
  • ROI : 470 %
  • Investment : $100 Dollars
  • Bets Tested : 37 Bets

In this system, we will be focusing on corners, specifically first-half asian corners. We will look at the stats required to pass our filter and explain how to find value and odds of 2.00 or higher when betting on First-Half Asian Corners.

As with all football tips, betting guides and systems, FootyStats can not guarantee results. These systems are created and used by our team before we publish them and we're very confident in their ability to be profitable over the long-run. Follow the systems and gamble responsibility.
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