About FootyStats

Our Focus

FootyStats was created with one thing in mind - To make sense of football data.
We're the industry leader in football statistics. Tons and tons of data are available online today. Yet none of the existing services present the data in an easy to understand interface. We built this service with the belief that if data can be simplified and displayed intuitively, people can make better predictions. It's also just a lot of fun to browse the stats for your favourite teams!

We strive to make our service available to everyone. This means continual development. Lots of it. We're hard at work making the service available on mobile and tablet devices, in different languages, as well as adding more leagues and data visualizations whenever possible. We really hope you enjoy using our services as much as we enjoyed making it.
Football is a beautiful game and we're glad to be part of it.

Built with Love for The Beautiful Game.

Service Overview

FootyStats provides insightful soccer (football) stats and data for the public to view. These include statistics like xG (Expected Goals), Goals Scored, Over/Under Goals, Corner Kick numbers, Card bookings, fouls, shots, and many more. The data is often divided specifically into overall, home, and away distinctions in order for the user to dive deeper into more specific and relevant data. These data are contained in their own sections or by league or teams. Here are the sections.

Our Team

FootyStats is operated and ran by data and web development experts from around the world. Many of us have years of experience in soccer data and large-scale enterprise software development. We started the development of FootyStats in 2016 and have been honing our expertise ever since.

Jaime Tatsubana

Jaime Tatsubana

Jaime received his Bachelors in Digital Media (Incl. Database Management) from Simon Fraser University in Canada in 2016. He previously worked at world-class video game publishers such as Electronic Arts for FIFA 12 ~ FIFA 14 products, and Bandai Namco. Jaime is also a prolific writer on data and business, with over 2.5 million views on Quora and speaking at events such as IndieHackers.

How We Help Other Businesses

FootyStats provides free football widgets for other websites to use. These data widgets are viewed tens of thousands of times everyday at big websites such as OneFootball, JuveFC, and many other fan club websites. We also provide Wordpress Plugins that work right out of the box to let you integrate football tables and stats onto your website! Additionally, our Football Stats API let anyone create their own website or make their own prediction models.

What Makes An Accurate Database?

We update our database once a minute! Because matches are updated so quick, so often, we have to run our database in . We use several MySQL databases and back up the data every day to avoid interruptions and recovery in case any data is wrong. We're the industry leading company in providing up-to-date football statistics.

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Feel free to reach out to our team on our contact page.

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