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Offside Stats - Teams with the Most Offsides

Match Offsides = Total Offsides for both teams. This is the market that bookmakers often offer.
Team Offsides = Offsides of this team only.

TeamMatch OffsidesTeam OffsidesNext
1Parndorf10.63 / match4.00 / matchIn 3 Days
2Tennis Borussia10.11 / match7.00 / matchSun - Jun 2
3Fulham United Women9.67 / match3.00 / matchIn 2 Days
4Brisbane Roar / NTC Women9.44 / match3.89 / matchSat - Jun 1
5Team Wiener Linien8.56 / match3.56 / matchIn 2 Days
6OFK Pirin8.43 / match2.71 / matchTomorrow
7Yokohama F. Marinos8.42 / match2.67 / matchIn 4 Days
8Weiz8.13 / match2.53 / matchIn 2 Days
9Boulogne-Billancourt8.10 / match3.00 / matchIn 3 Days
10SpVgg Neu-Isenburg7.89 / match2.56 / matchIn 3 Days
11West Torrens Birkalla7.71 / match3.71 / matchIn 3 Days
12Brisbane Roar U207.70 / match2.95 / matchIn 6 Days
13Brünninghausen7.69 / match3.69 / matchIn 4 Days
14Stirling Lions U207.63 / match1.00 / matchIn 3 Days

Over 2.5 Match Offsides

Over 2.5 Offsides = % of Matches end with more than 2.5 match offsides.
This is the most common market offered by bookmakers

Upcoming Matches with High Average Offsides

Here's a list of games that are upcoming in the next 48 hours ranked by the average number of match offsides that the teams experience. This table will only show leagues that have played 25% or more of their matches.

How to study Offside Stats

Offsides are an interesting market to predict because several aspects needs to be analyzed.

  • League Style: Certain leagues have higher number of Offside calls because there's a culture of offensive play. This is often observed in lower leagues where plays can be more disorganized.
  • Offensive Tactics: A team's offensive play style can affect the number of offsides. Teams that rely on Long-Balls, Through balls, and beating the defensive line are more susceptible to offside calls compared to teams that cross or build slow attacks.
  • Forward Play Style: Some players are born offside! Filippo Inzaghi is famous for constantly attempting to beat the defensive line. Having a Striker like him in the team would surely increase their offside tally. Be careful when they're injured or rested - their replacement striker may not do the same thing.
  • Defensive Tactics: A team's defensive tactics often dictate how many Match Offsides they end up with. For example a team that often uses Offside Trap tactics are likely to have more match offsides than those who do not.
  • Intensity of Play: Teams with more end-to-end action ends with more offsides, compared to teams that like to build attacks slowly.

Leagues with the Most Offsides

Here you can find the leagues that have the most Offside calls during the match. Average for Match Offsides and Over 1.5 %, 2.5 %, 3.5 % are available.

LeagueMatch OffsidesOffsides Over 2.5Offsides Over 3.5
1Premier League6.6383%83%
3Esiliiga B6.3393%87%
61. Liga Promotion5.8389%78%
8Womens National Premier Leagues5.5385%72%
9Premier League5.4891%73%
10Primera B5.1490%71%
11Highland / Lowland Football Leagues5.0391%86%
12First Division4.8888%68%
13Challenge League4.7678%68%
14Premier League4.7680%65%
152. Liga4.7481%68%
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