Yellow and Red Card Stats

Last Updated : Jun 14 - 8:01am, 2021

Average Cards / match Stats

Here are the 215 best teams for yellow cards and red cards. These teams have the highest card count of any team in any league across the current season that's in play. Team must have played at least 5 matches to be eligible on this list.

TeamCardsHighestLowestNext Match
1JSM Skikda7 / match7 cards7 cardsIn 5 Days
2Seravezza6 / match6 cards6 cardsTomorrow
3Breidablik6 / match6 cards6 cardsTomorrow
4Textafrica6 / match6 cards6 cardsIn 5 Days
5CRB Ain Ouessara6 / match6 cards6 cardsIn 4 Days
6Atmosfera5.67 / match8 cards1 cardsIn 5 Days
7Eschen / Mauren5 / match5 cards5 cardsTomorrow
8Hongg5 / match5 cards5 cardsIn 4 Days
9Metropolitanos5 / match7 cards4 cardsIn 5 Days
10Gran Valencia5 / match5 cards5 cardsIn 3 Days
11JSM Bejaia5 / match5 cards5 cardsIn 4 Days
12Inglewood United5 / match5 cards5 cardsIn 4 Days
13Houston FC5 / match7 cards3 cardsToday
14Florida Roots5 / match5 cards5 cardsTomorrow
15San Donato Tavarnelle5 / match5 cards5 cardsTomorrow
16Bagnolese5 / match5 cards5 cardsTomorrow
17Legnano5 / match5 cards5 cardsTomorrow
18Pamisos Messini5 / match5 cards5 cardsIn 4 Days
19Nafpaktiakos5 / match5 cards5 cardsIn 4 Days
20Atletico Victoria4.94 / match12 cards1 cardsSun - Jun 27
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Leagues with the most Yellow / Red Cards

These are the leagues that have the most number of yellow cards and red cards on average each match.

LeagueCards / MatchOver 3.5 Cards %Season Progress
1Tercera - Group 127.0290%97%
3Primera División6.5191%64%
4Tercera - Group 16.3886%98%
5WC Qualification South America5.4787%33%
6Paranaense 15.4780%97%
7Copa del Rey5.471%99%
8First League5.3883%27%
9Division Profesional5.3170%95%
10Northern NSW FFA Cup Preliminary5.3163%98%
11Ligue Haïtienne5.2875%97%
12Victoria NPL5.2674%50%
14Esiliiga B5.1767%26%
15Prim B Nacional5.1782%65%
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