Yellow and Red Card Stats

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Average Cards / match Stats

Here are the 20 best teams for yellow cards and red cards. These teams have the highest card count of any team in any league across the current season that's in play. Team must have played at least 5 matches to be eligible on this list.

TeamCardsHighestLowestNext Match
1Real Potosí4.7 / match10 cards2 cardsIn 4 Days
2Defensor Sporting4.4 / match10 cards0 cardsIn 4 Days
3Deportivo Cali4.14 / match10 cards1 cardsToday
4Sport Boys4.06 / match8 cards1 cardsIn 4 Days
5Aurora4 / match7 cards2 cardsIn 2 Days
6San Luis4 / match8 cards1 cardsIn 4 Days
7Sport Boys4 / match7 cards1 cardsIn 3 Days
8Palmeiras4 / match10 cards2 cardsTomorrow
9Deportivo Santaní3.95 / match7 cards2 cardsIn 3 Days
10Royal Pari3.94 / match10 cards1 cardsIn 3 Days
11Deportivo Capiatá3.82 / match7 cards2 cardsIn 4 Days
12Oriente Petrolero3.81 / match6 cards1 cardsIn 2 Days
13Criciúma3.8 / match7 cards1 cardsTomorrow
14Juventude3.8 / match9 cards1 cardsIn 3 Days
15Londrina3.8 / match6 cards1 cardsTomorrow
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