The Under X In-Play System

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The Under X In-Play System

The FootyStats Guide is a 10 part series in which we share the secrets and formulas we use to find profitable markets so that you too can have an advantage.

In Part 1, we shared Lazy Man’s Accumulator system which netted a ton of profit for our users and our team. It was such a simple system that anybody could take advantage.

Today in Part 2 we’re going to go over The Under X In-Play System.


This system is so easy anyone can take advantage of it.


How profitable is it?


I’ve used it myself to profit $2,300 in just 20 days from $800.


But making a profit off of this system takes time and dedication. It’s not exactly magic. It’s more like grinding out a profit than it is predicting but it’s one of the least riskiest ways of making profit.


Step 1 - Choose a Bookmaker with In-Play and Cash-Out Options.

First you need to be registered with a bookmaker that let’s you do In-Play betting on Under X goals. Bet365 is a good one that allows this. William Hill and Pinnacle are also great but I tend to like Bet365 because its easy to use User-Interface. It makes finding the bets much easier.

You also need to make use of the cash-out option for this system to work. Essentially your strategy here is to just NEVER lose. So having a cash-out option lets you back out before things look out of control. And with our Under X In-Play System, we will teach you the exact pattern where your bet is becoming risky. Betfair marketplace actually provides really good odds for this system from time to time.


Step 2 - Find In-Play Matches fits these criteria

Now that you’re signed up for a good bookmaker, go in and find matches that are already being played. There’s usually quite a few, and you need to find matches that fits the following criteria :

  • Match is currently In-Play between minute 52 ~ 61 (Important)
  • Match has 1 ~ 3 goals already scored in the match.
  • Match is being played by teams that have low total goal count (Check Stats on the Team using FootyStats)

For example, this is a perfect match for our Under X In-Play System.


Minute 57, 3 goals already in the game. Perfect. This affects what Alternative Under X Goal Market appears during In-Play.


Step 3 - Bet on Alternative Under X Goal Market

Now that we have our match picked out, we’re going to bet on the chance that these teams won’t score many more goals for the rest of the match - which is usually another 30 minutes to go.

Here is what you need to bet on - Bet on Alternative Under X Goals where X is the current number of goals + 4 goals.

So if there are 3 goals already scored within the match (ie 3 - 0), then bet on Under 6.5. The odds for this market is usually set around 1.01 ~ 1.03. You’re making a 1%~3% return on your money, and possibility of this bet failing is incredibly low. But that’s not enough. We’re going to make sure that losing this bet is close to impossible.

Here's the market on Bet365. The odds at minute 57 is 1.025.   Cross reference with the team's stats    

Step 4 - Keep your eyes on the bets and Cash-out if 2+ more goals are scored before the 82nd minute.

Here’s where the real magic happens.

You need to baby-sit your bets. If 2 more more goals are scored before 82nd minute is reached, then just cash-out. It doesn’t matter if you lose 10~20% of the stake. Just pull out and take the small loss. It’s much better to lose 10% than it is to lose 100%. And making back that 10% is relatively easy with the Under X In-Play System.

This match actually had 2 more goals before the 82nd minute. But check the adjusted odds for the bet you just made. Yes, it's still only 1.04! This means that even if you cashout, you won't lose much money at all. So the risk is extremely low.  

Step 5 - Divide your bankroll into 4 stakes and repeat this for 5~20 more matches per day.

You need to make multiple bets to make a big profit, so divide your bankroll into 5 and spread it out to 5 matches that fits the same criteria. It also lowers your risk in case of a loss.

If you succeed with 20 bets per day, you're increasing your bankroll by 20% compounding per day. It only actually takes a couple hundred bets before you've doubled or tripled your money safely.    

Why this System works

The goal of this system is to create a strategy where your chance of losing a bet is nearly impossible. We do so by betting on a low odds, low chance market, and then having a 4 goal cushion lets you cash out before any sense of risk arises. This system creates a pattern where you simply can not lose.

Yes - you’re not winning money fast, but you are WINNING. And over time the winning will accumulate into 200%, 300% winnings.


Withdraw your money at around 200% ~ 350% profit.

Don't do this forever and kill your luck. The most likely outcome is that you will make at least a 200% return after a couple of weeks. That's more than most people do with their entire betting career. Once you're happy with the amount that you made, just withdraw and enjoy your winnings. Don't go all in and bet everything you have. Start with your original bankroll again after another week of break if you're willing.   Cheers, and enjoy the money that you've just made!

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