Average Corners Per Game In Football

Average corner kicks per fixture for Premier League, Champions League, and 1000 more leagues

Last Updated : Jun 20 - 1:00am, 2021

Average Corners Kicks Per Game

How many corners does each league experience on a match-to-match basis? Here are your statistical answers!

LeagueAverage CornersHome TeamAway Team
1Eliteserien11.08 / game6.124.97
2Premier League10.15 / game5.544.61
3UEFA Women's Champions League9.86 / game5.664.2
4Premiership9.85 / game5.024.83
5Serie A9.64 / game5.034.61
6Ligue 19.52 / game5.284.24
7UEFA Europa League9.49 / game5.174.33
8Championship9.37 / game4.874.5
9UEFA Champions League9.25 / game4.94.35
10J1 League9.25 / game4.914.34
11Bundesliga9.18 / game4.724.46
12La Liga8.73 / game4.434.3
13Ligue 28.4 / game4.423.98

How About Corners In The Big Leagues?

Premier League had 10.15 corners per game on average in the 2020/2021 season.On the other hand, UEFA Champions League had 9.25 corners per game on average in the same timeframe.

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