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  1. VfB Stuttgart 1893VfB Stuttgart 1893
    has the highest Over 2.5 percentage with 50%.
  2. 1. FC Union Berlin1. FC Union Berlin
    is within the top 3, with an Over 2.5 of 50%.

The average Over 2.5 for Germany Germany Play-offs 1/2 is 50%

This Over 2.5 table shows you each team's ratio of matches that ended up above Over 2.5 total goals. This table is applicable to 2018/19 season of Germany Germany Play-offs 1/2. The top of the table shows teams that have produced the highest ratio of Over 2.5 (Total Goals in a match) matches, while the bottom of the table shows teams that have produced the least amount of Over 2.5 matches. Over 2.5 goals is counted as total goals between both teams in a Full-Time match (90 minutes). In the Germany Play-offs 1/2, an average of 50% of matches have ended up as Over 2.5. This table does not account for HT Over 2.5% for the 2018/19 Germany - Germany Play-offs 1/2.

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