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Head of Design Joe

Data x Professional = Great Insights

Stats can be a great indicator of how a team is doing in terms of performance. That being said, sometimes they don't tell the whole story because data-points can be limited.
To help us, FootyStats developer and Head of Design Joe predicts upcoming matches based on the data on FootyStats. He will make predictions on what might happen across the matches of this week. Joe is a previous tipster who've ran his own successful tipster businesses, and boasts years of experience with soccer predictions.

* We do not guarantee results, and Data-Based predictions are here to help give Premium users heuristics on how to make your decisions. Follow suggestions at your own responsibility.

Upcoming Predictions

Data-Based Predictions are only available to Premium Subscribers

* Understand that Predictions is a long-term game.
Hitting 100% of the predictions today does not mean tomorrow it will be 100%, and vice-versa.
Do NOT be impulsive.

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