Beginners Introduction to Staking Systems

This will be a short introduction guide on staking systems and how to be smart.

How not to simply bet everything you have and in the next day your betting account is at zero.

So I will be mention some staking systems on how to do it, most of you will know this already, but this is for the newbies at betting.

So first of all, the reason why you should use a staking system, is to not lose all your money at once.

So I will mention some staking systems on how to do it, most of you will know this already but this is for the betting beginners. And in addition to that, I do not claim that I’m an expert or anything, I just have experience in betting with money and losing it due to stupid mistakes. The most important thing is to learn from those mistakes and reading this guide will help you avoid a repeat of the mistakes I made regarding my staking plan and bankroll.

I’d like to this that staking systems is like stocks, and you slowly and gradually win profit.

You’re in for the long run.

If you like to get high adrenaline rushes and so forth then this is not for you because this demands discipline and it’s hard. Staking systems or betting systems, whatever fits, is to prevent a huge loss for you.

So one way to bet is flat betting, just betting every bet with 5 percent of your bankroll. Say you have 100 euro on your account, you bet only 5 percent of 100 euro which is 5 euro. It’s that simple! You bet 5 percent of you bankroll today and hopefully with the bets you win.

If you win, you raise the stake and let’s say you’ve won and you’re at 200 euro now.

Same thing as before, 5 percent of your bankroll.

So in this case, 5 percent of 200 euro is 10 euros, and you continue to do that and slowly build your bankroll. With this kind of betting system, you won’t be making a lot of cash fast, this is just to slowly grind money in the long run and not lose all of it once.

If you want to be more flexible, you can bet in units. So one unit being one percent and so forth. You can have a system that you only bet from 1 to 10 units on a bet. 10 units being your max bet.  This is more flexible for you if you want to control the amount of cash you want to bet on sure bets.

Maybe there’s a risky bet that you just want to stake 1 unit on rather than 5 percent. So for each unit you have, it is one percent of your bankroll.

What I like to do is that I only bet between 1-10 units, and have a fixed amount of cash for one unit no matter what. So I have 100 euros, and I want my fixed unit to be 1 euro, and after a time If I made some real money I’d raise that fixed unit. All in all, it depends on how you want to bet and what’s your style, in the

All in all, it depends on how you want to bet and what’s your style, in the end, this is only to prevent you from losing a lot of money on one bet.

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