The Future of Sports Betting: The End of Traditional Bookies Era is Near

Ever tried out sports betting, or do you still prefer the traditional bookies? Their era is about to end, and you really should start considering the alternatives that exist. Online betting exchanges and mobile apps are gaining popularity, and being used by an increasing mass of people every day. Considering their rapid growth, you can soon expect traditional bookies to be wiped out.

A glance at what the future looks like

  • Most sports betting will take place on online betting exchanges; like BlueBet App which is  used for placing bets in real time and NetBet Sport, which is an up and coming exchange in the UK.
  • Humans will not be the dominant ones; instead, robots can be expected to take over. They will bet on your behalf, and oh, they may even start analysing data, observing trends and then placing bets, most likely to success.
  • All mega tech giants will emerge as the future bookmakers.

Can we really go this far ahead?

Yes, we sure can. Consider agen poker for instance; bots can beat a human poker player quite easily through an algorithm that is known as the Libratus. If you have ever played poker before, you would realize that when a machine reads and learns strategies of the moves, then it is indeed, the beginning of a new era. After all, poker is a game of uncertainties and bluffs, and if a robot can win this, they can also make sure that you get the maximum possible payouts on bets that are placed.

Getting back to sports betting, yes, we may not be really this ahead, but the era is changing, and we cannot ignore this. Digitisation is becoming common, and the entire betting industry, will eventually move to the online realm. All big names like Microsoft and Google are evaluating gambling laws, and preparing to set strong footholds in the industry.

The Advancing Technologies

We already mentioned the algorithm that can beat poker players. But what new advancements can be seen in the sports betting world? For starters, you would have surely heard of those apps that can predict outcomes for races and games. These apps collect data, dating back to several years, and try to capture trends. They run various algorithms, and can actually make good predictions. Betters are already beginning to use them when they plan their bets; they check the results of these betting apps, and place a bet only when the odds are the best that they possibly can be.  

Obviously, if you are a pro, you might think that you can do a better job than these apps any day. But let’s shed light on the scenario from a different light. Do you remember the smallest details of races that took place 10 years ago? You know the winner, but who came 7th or who came 10th? You don’t remember, but these apps can and once their algorithms are improved, they continue to do a better job.

This is only the starting step, and very soon, the gambling industry will be completely revolutionized.