Mobile Betting Technology Will Help Punters Significantly in the Upcoming FIFA World Cup

Mobile gambling has been crying out its potential ever since the first data connections began to appear on the phones. And now with the all-encompassing 4G connections and other better available speeds, the online gaming industry is expecting things to go their way even more. In the beginning of course, gambling was seen as a niche area. However, with the launch of advanced mobiles with a speedy connection to boot, things have never looked rosier. With the FIFA World Cup 2018 around the corner the many apps offering players a window into the gambling world have grown exponentially.

Today, games are huge when it comes to downloads and revenues. In most app stores it is today the most lucrative category as compared to any other. Sites like offers a comprehensive view on the apps available for potential players to use when indulging in betting activities.

The good days are here

In the era of the smartphone, the mobile gaming industry has gone from strength to strength. Never has this genre seen as much action as it has in the past few years when the smartphone slowly became a constant fixture in our human lives. Leading operators in the market have gone on record to say that more than half of their regular clientele access betting activities through the apps on their smartphones. In fact, some studies claim that an amazing 4.3% of iPhone users are involved with at least one sports betting app or more. If this is of interest to you – many more stats can be seen here:

Increasing popularity

It’s no surprise that the smartphone holder of today is quite adept at dealing with apps and keeps on the device a wide selection of these apps. Mobile users for gambling apps then have been steadily increasing year on year. Soon the biggest cup of them all – the football World Cup 2018 will be upon us. And this singular event is expected to increase the download and usage of prominent betting apps exponentially. And that is because of the convenience they offer to the player.


Apple vs. Android

On this front certain developments by the two major platform providers are creating a different trend than the one usually spotted when we refer to them. It seems that Google is taking somewhat of a more hard-line stance when it comes to granting approvals to app developers as compared with iOS. Today Apple allows gambling apps that deal in real money on their Appstore. Google however has gone the other way and has had to face a fair bit of credibility issues regarding this stance. The legalized sports betting aspect extends its benefits to other financial players also – credit card banks for example.

The usability of the gambling apps today cannot be denied by even the most sceptic expert as a large chunk of the world’s betting activities occur through these apps. And as the sector gets more refined and the technology better we can safely say there will not be a dearth of apps to choose from anytime soon in the market.