Gerard Pique’s life outside of Football

Famous football player, defender for FC Barcelona and Spanish national team, Gerard Pique, is nowhere near the end of his exceptional career, despite being 31 on February 2nd.

As a professional, he certainly has a lot yet to look for, and even more to show for. With many successes to his name, and lots of beautiful moments filled with sporting emotions, there is already enough material for a great biography. And we would find plenty of chapters to be about something other than football.

Of course, it would be a real waste not to mention Pique’s achievements which are quite extraordinary.

For once, he has won pretty much all he could with Barcelona, including multiple national championships, three Champions League titles and other European trophies. Most of his time as a Spanish representative incidentally happened to be the golden era for football in Spain in general, culminating in winning European Championship (2012) and World Cup (2010).

However, he is media’s hot interest for various reasons.

Being a public figure is enough to be the centre of attention in most cases, let alone for successful player at one of the best teams in the world. Maintaining long-term relationship with talented Columbian singer Shakira only adds to that, and is often a source of some juicy gossips.

Pique secures strong media presence on his own, actively participating in his socials (Instagram, Twitter), always having something to say about many current issues or events. Unsurprisingly, he couldn’t stay silent f.e. on the development of affairs in Catalonia. His involvement included offering his withdrawal from Spanish national team if necessary.

If it is ether because of getting used to public speaking or due to the eagerness to share one’s knowledge with the world, many retired players look for jobs as journalists. Gerard Pique has also expressed his prolonged interest in the field. Difference is that he started doing something about it already. Resilient Spaniard recently launched series of interviews called “The Players Tribune” featuring famous footballers who would share some interesting facts and talk about personal moments. It is clearly a great way to prepare for the days after football.

As for now, while he’s still active, Pique’s time is surely filled with trainings, hard work and domestic life. Whatever’s left can be spared for hobbies like listening to Shakira’s music, watching NBA games and polishing agen poker skills.

That last part could have been just another footnote if it wasn’t for the simple fact that he is actually good at it.

Whenever he can he attends some of the European Poker Tour side events, sometimes finishing on top places. It really shows you that unexperienced players can beat pros. More importantly, Pique is an uplifting example that anybody can achieve some results in this discipline. Of course, you have to start somewhere. Even if it is as obvious as studying poker strategy guide for beginners, watching how famous professionals do it, and definitely taking the time to practice. Obviously, Gerard Pique did enough to make some money out of it.

All of that and more shows you that people like Pique will find themselves just fine in post-football reality. With many interests and talents Gerard will remain a busy man long after his last professional match ends.