Betting System 2

How We Generated $2,300 in 20 days With $800 Using This System – The FootyStats Guide Part 2

Intro to betting strategies

The FootyStats Guide is a 10 part series in which we share the secrets and formulas we use to find profitable markets so that you too can have an advantage.

In Part 1, we shared Lazy Man’s Accumulator system which netted a ton of profit for our users and our team. We generated returns while Bitcoin took a big plunge 🙂

It was such a simple system that anybody could take advantage.

Today in Part 2 we’re going to go over The Under X In-Play System.

Again, this system is so easy anyone can take advantage of it, but it requires a little bit of a learning curve.

How profitable is it?

Our team used it ourselves to profit $2,300 in just 20 days from $800.

But making a profit off of this system takes time and dedication. It’s not exactly magic. It’s more like grinding out a profit than it is predicting but it’s one of the least riskiest ways of making profit. Here’s how you do it.


Step 1 –
Choose a Bookie w/ In-Play and Cash-Out Options.

First you need to be registered with a bookmaker that let’s you do In-Play betting on Under X goals. Bet365 is a good one that allows this. William Hill and Pinnacle are also great but I tend to like Bet365 because its easy to use User-Interface. It makes finding the bets much easier.

You also need to make use of the cash-out option for this system to work. Essentially your strategy here is to just NEVER lose. So having a cash-out option lets you back out before things look out of control. And with our Under X In-Play System, we will teach you the exact pattern where your bet is becoming risky. Betfair marketplace actually provides really good odds for this system from time to time.

bet365 cashout option

Step 2 –
Sign up for FootyStats Premium to get the Rest of the Steps

FootyStats Premium users will receive the rest of the betting system in 5 days! Premium users also has an advantage here – they have access to 105 exclusive leagues that only limited people have access to. They can find matches with high odds and high probabilities of winning because Premium users have access to lesser known leagues that are not being over-saturated with casual bettors. If you’re hardcore and really want to have the best chance at turning a profit, we recommend you sign up for FootyStats Premium right now.