EFL League Two Stats Analysis

By Xerxes, Feb 03, 2017
EFL League Two Stats Analysis
We’ve added England’s EFL League Two to the site! Should I be ashamed or proud of my local team, Plymouth Argyle? Read on to find out!

Best Overall Performance
Right now, Doncaster Rovers stands at the top of the table with 61 points. Coming second is Plymouth Argyle at 54 points. In the case of Doncaster Rovers, I expect them to maintain their place at the top of the league table considering that Plymouth Argyle has a much high FTS percentage(19% compared to Doncaster Rovers’ 4%)

Both Teams Scored
Barnet FC is an interesting case, at 64% they have the third highest BTS percentage. When you consider that they are eighth in the league table and their goal difference is 0, they will likely maintain their BTTS ratio across the season.

Clean Sheets
Carlisle United has the most interesting clean sheet statistic in the league. On the face of it, it’s just another bottom of the league clean sheet stat with just 15%. The interesting part however, comes when you look at the half-time table, then you’ll notice that their clean sheet percentage is 65%! They go from having the fourth highest clean sheet percentage in the league to the third lowest. Somehow their defence seems to crumble after half-time.

Over 2.5
Two teams share the distinction of having the highest Over 2.5+ game ratio, Morecambe FC and Doncaster Rovers. If you look at the bigger picture though, they tell different stories: Morecambe FC has a higher FTS percentage with 28% compared to Doncaster Rovers FC’s 4%. When you also consider that Doncaster Rovers FC also has one of the highest average total goals in the league, then you realise that they are probably the best for Over 2.5.

Failed to Score
Doncaster Rovers continues to be an interesting team thanks to this stat. When you check the half-time table, you’ll notice that they have the highest FTS percentage at half-time with 43%. But when you look at the failed to score table, you’ll see that they are tied in the league for the lowest FTS percentage with 4%. So Doncaster Rovers is a team to avoid if you’re looking for the first team to score.

Go check the stats for yourself!