Betting on Draws: Stats for Score Draws / Bore Draws

Detailed Stats for Football Draws

When betting, we often lean towards more absolute outcomes. Who will win the game? A or B? How many goals will be scored? How many corners? The list goes on, but for most of us, we will rarely bet on there being exactly 6 corners or exactly 2 goals.

The same is true for betting on the result of a match. Bettors rarely bet on the draw even though the odds are often very generous. Draws are a little trickier to predict, but we are aiming to make it a little easier with our latest release.

We have created a brand-new page dedicated to betting on draws. It aims to help you make better choices if and when you decide to bet on both teams taking home a point. I’ll now explain how the new page works and share some of the early insights from 2020/2021.

We plan on adding to the page over time, but right now it has three sections: Teams, Matches, and Leagues.

Teams With The Most Draws

Each of these sections does what it says on the tin. This table is ranked by the percentage of fixtures for that team that has ended in a draw. You can see that at the time of writing, Walsall from League Two has seen 6/8 matches end in a draw. Telavi, who plays in Georgia, also deserves a mention, with 9/13 games ending in both sides sharing the points.

Football Teams with The Most Draws

Upcoming Matches for Draws

This section is useful when you’re looking to place your bets, and you would like to add a draw to the accumulator. The list is ranked by the combined percentage of draws between both teams, and it takes into account the home stats and the away stats of either side. Clicking on any of the fixtures will take you to the individual match page, where you can dig deeper into the stats and also view the odds for the fixture.

Upcoming Matches for Draws Leagues for Betting on Draws

This list looks at the average stats for all 800+ leagues supported by FootyStats. Again, it’s ranked by the percentage of fixtures that have ended with a draw. At the time of writing, the Super League in Congo deserves a mention. 50% of all games have ended with a point being earned by both sides. The French National also catches my eye, simply due to the number of games having been played. Clicking into any of these leagues will take you directly to a more detailed look at draws for that specific competitions. Here’s some that you might find interesting:

We hope you enjoy the new page and that it results in you making better predictions when it comes to betting on football and specifically draws. If you have any feedback or would like to make a suggestion, please connect with us on Twitter.