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Best Football Betting Strategies – Ultimate FootyStats Guide Part 1

FootyStats Betting Guide 1

We all want to win. It’s a great feeling. The analysis, the prediction, the match, then the payout. Nothing beats that feeling of rush you get when the team you bet on get a goal, does it?

But the question is – how do you win? And more importantly – how do you win more so that you end up being profitable? We get these types of emails a lot from our users – so we decided to do a series of betting system write-ups to provide knowledge instead!

In this 10 part series – The Ultimate FootyStats Guide, we share the secrets and formulas we use to find high value markets so that you too can have an advantage. Today we’re going to go over the step 1 basics of finding high value markets on 1X2 and predicting which team will win.

To begin – best tool to use for football predictions is football stats. Of course we’re going to say that but we’re saying that only because we believe in it. Otherwise why would we make a website like this? We use it ourselves – and we use it to win.


The Simplest, and the Best Betting Strategy

Let’s introduce you to our first betting strategy – We call this the Lazy Man’s Accumulator System. And it’s probably the most basic but pretty easy method to finding value bets.

How profitable is this strategy?

One of our users won this 91x Acca using the Lazy Man’s Accumulator System.

The return on this acca was a whooping 91 times the stake. This FootyStats user made 90 Euro from just 1 Euro. Imagine if this was just 50 Euros..! You’d be taking a vacation in Spain watching El Clasico from a great seat in the stadium! Here is the user who won this bet.

Ok, so let’s talk about the specific system of Lazy Man’s Accumulator System.

You just have to go through 1 page of the website. This only takes 3~6 minutes to make the actual acca betslip.

  • Go to FootyStats Today’s matches list. Look through the “Form” of each team and the difference between them.
  • Then, Find matches with the biggest differences in home and away form.

Ideally with the following criteria:

  • Home Team has dark green form (very high points per game – meaning great performance
  • Away Team has red ~ dark red form (very bad performance)

Like these matches:    

Notice the trend yet?

So why do we choose these types of matches? Because home teams in football usually put up more consistent performances compared to away teams. You could swap them and choose matches with teams with terrible home forms playing against teams with great away forms – but based on our experience we find that there is some risk in betting on away teams.

Once you’ve chosen the matches, add them all into 1 betslip as an accumulator as home win (1).

Optimize Your Chances to Win Big

If you want to raise your hit rate even further, analyze the following criteria for each match

  • Check the odds! Does the odd make the addition of the match worth it? In the above example, Manchester City win is 1.21. This is pretty low considering Southampton is still picking up 1 point per match at away. Is the additional 1.21 gain worth it? You need to make the decision of whether to keep or remove potentially low-value matches like these from your accumulator.
  • Is the match being played at the beginning of the season? Teams often need 3~6 matches before they fall into a consistent level of performance. If it’s an early season game, this could present some unnecessary risks.
  • Is the match being played at the end of the season? If the season is close to the end, some teams may have already secured their season objective. For example – Barcelona could win La Liga with more than a game to spare – and they treat the later matches as throwaway matches to train youth and reserve players.
  • Are there any injuries to the home team that makes them weaker than they have been during the season?
  • Other reasons the home team may under perform – did they recently just change managers? Or have they played 3 matches in 5 days recently and the squad is too tired? There could be more reasons that the numbers don’t tell you. So think hard!

When you’ve decided, put down a few of your spare coins and see what happens! By nature of accumulators they’re meant to be a hit and miss because you’re betting on so many markets at the same time – but this strategy will surely raise your chances.

Bet on Exclusive Matches

One of the disadvantages that you can have while betting is if everybody bets on the same market, it drives the odds lower.

This is a bad sign as it could make some of the items in your accumulator not worth the bet and the risk. Like that Manchester City match we showed earlier.

FootyStats Premium users has an advantage here – they have access to 102 exclusive leagues that only limited people have access to. Premium users can find matches with high odds and high probabilities of winning because Premium users have access to lesser known leagues that are not being over-saturated with casual bettors. If you’re hardcore and really want to have the best chance at turning a profit, we recommend you sign up for FootyStats Premium right now. You can use the coupon code STATS10 to get a 10% off for your first month of subscription. You get access to Corner Stats and Yellow Card stats as well.

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Accumulator win using football stats

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