10 Reasons Arsenal are better than Tottenham

Arsenal and Tottenham, two of the most notable teams from North London, have always been at each other’s throats since their inception in the late 19th century. Two very different teams with different background and history, yet set in their goals to achieve one thing and one thing alone; to be crowned the king of the North London Derby.

Tottenham fans might disagree, but Arsenal’s statistics and history have always overshadowed that of Tottenham’s. Ever since their beginning, both have been trying to go professional, however Arsenal beat the Spurs by getting into first division league even before the Spurs could join second division. Ever since then, the Gunners have maintained a pretty consistent record over their North London rivals.

Here are some of the reasons we think Arsenal are better than their arch-rival, Tottenham Hotspur.

1. Championships

Arsenal have always had a much higher success rate than Tottenham. To date, Arsenal have won 13 Premier League titles against Tottenham’s 2. Arsenal have won 15 FA Cup trophies against 8 for Tottenham, and 15 FA Community Shields against 7 for the spurs. Overall, Arsenal hold the 3rd position for the greatest number of Premier League titles.

2. Consistency

The Gunners have always had a far better overall success rate and consistency than the Spurs. They are one of the only six clubs to have won the FA Cup twice in a row, twice (2002 and 2003, 2014 and 2015). Arsenal have one of the best top-flight records in English football history. They have finished below the fourteenth mark in league only 7 times. They are the second-best club to have won top-flight matches by numbers, and they have even been in top flight for the most consecutive number of seasons. Arsenal also hold the best unbeaten league match streak at 49 matches between May 2003 – October 2004. In comparison, the Spurs hold no such records.

3. Head-to-head comparison

Not only does Arsenal have more records than Tottenham, they also out-perform their North-London rivals when it comes to head-to-head stats. The two sides have met a total of 194 times, with the gunners winning 81 and conceding 62, the rest 51 matches ending up in a draw.

The spurs have dropped from winning positions 37 times against Arsenal, the world record of any club against a single rival.

Arsenal’s biggest league win over Tottenham was 6-0 in 1935, whereas the Spurs have only ever beaten Arsenal by 5-0 in 1911 and 1983.

4. Founding history

Arsenal were founded by a group of workers employed by the Dial Square workshop at the Royal Arsenal. They had humble beginnings, and they all pooled in their money to buy a soccer ball and some jerseys. As such, Arsenal fans take pride in their founding history as they came from nothing and built themselves up into something worthwhile.

For Tottenham, however, it is different. It was founded by Harry Hotspur along with a group of young schoolboys at a posh school. They were well off from the beginning, in start contrast to the hard-working middle-class folks that founded Arsenal.

5. Lineup

Historically, Arsenal have always had the better squad against Tottenham, with more well-known players from all around. Currently, Arsenal has some major names including Mesut Ozil, Lucas Torreira, Petr Cech, Lucas Perez and so on. Tottenham have some big names too now, such as Harry Kane, but they’re not nearly as numerous or as impressive as gunners.

6. Resources

In today’s world, football clubs that have the most resources typically tend to be better, because they have more money to sign on famous players, give better contracts and retain their players better. Despite humble beginnings, Arsenal have now become one of the most financially successful clubs. Besides, Arsenal owners have a net combined worth of around $22 Billion, whereas Tottenham owners are valued (combined) at $6 Billion. Arsenal have far more resources to spend on players.

7. Spurs were in second division

For the longest time, Tottenham were in the second division of the league while Arsenal were already making their way towards the top in first division.

Spurs were promoted to Second Division in 1908, whereas Arsenal were already in the first division by 1904. Arsenal has been playing in first division far longer than Spurs has, despite having low resources and limited playing capabilities at the beginning.

8. Club management

Arsenal has had a stronger, better and well-organized management than Spurs for the past few decades. Arsene Wenger has been a very successful manager for Arsenal, serving the club for about 22 years. Tottenham, on the other hand, have had drastic and very frequent changes in management. During the time period that Wenger served out his duties with Arsenal, Tottenham changed their management at least 14 times. That has to be some sort of record.

9. Arsenal beat Spurs at league

Winning trophies aside, Arsenal have also had a much more consistent performance over their North London rivals. Arsenal have finished above Tottenham in the leagues almost twice as many times as Tottenham has finished above Arsenal (60 to 29).

10. Champions league

Consistent with their better league performance over the Spurs, Gunners also have had better success at the Champions league overall. The end up in the Champions league more often than Spurs, who often can’t even get past the group stage. Arsenal also reach the finals more often when both teams do qualify.


These were some of the reasons we love Arsenal. Everyone has their own preferred team, but it is important to understand that at the end of the day, a game is just a game and it should not be turned serious, especially where dignity and respect are at stake. It’s important to give respect to other teams and their supporters in order to get respect in return. Say no to abuse and racism, and enjoy the game for the same of a game.

What team do you support, and why? Be sure to let us know!

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