Best Football Apps of 2018: 9 That Every Fan Needs

With this years premier league season well and truly started, it’s tough to find all the information you need in one place. Not all football apps have all the latest match news, scores, stats, odds and live football information that you desperately need in your life as a fanatic football fan.

Football’s Relationship with Mental Health

The stigma attached to mental health is slowly disappearing. As the outer world is listening to the loudness of the debate on mental health, football is following suit. Wellbeing charities and celebrities are speaking more frequently and even the Royal Family are spreading the word.

Gerard Pique’s life outside of Football

Famous football player, defender for FC Barcelona and Spanish national team, Gerard Pique, is nowhere near the end of his exceptional career, despite being 31 on February 2nd. As a professional, he certainly has a lot yet to look for, and even more to show for.

The Brands Behind the Messi & Ronaldo Rivalry

Pro sports represent a trillion-dollar industry and athletes are some of the highest paid people on the planet. For the last decade. Football or soccer, as its referred to in the US, is globally the most played, watched and grossing sport.

League in Focus: English League Two

The Football League Two is the fourth tier of English football and the bottom league in the football league.  It differs from the other leagues as only two go down but there are four teams that go up every season, making the promotion race even more exciting

League in Focus – Major League Soccer

Major League Soccer (MLS) has been on the rise for the past ten years with David Beckham’s move to L.A Galaxy being the catalyst. Before Beckham’s move it could be argued that the only time football news in America was Pele’s move to the New York Cosmos in

League in Focus – Eerste Divisie

Welcome to our brand new league in focus column where we will discus sin depth various leagues, first up, the dutch Eerste Divisie. If you like goals, the Eerste Divisie is the place to find them on a Friday nigh

Cities Divided: 7 Biggest Rivalries in European Football

To the dedicated football fan, their team’s local derby will always be the biggest derby to them. No matter what league, that will be the fixture they will always be excited for. Whilst some fixtures are called derbies, some matches don’t actually include teams in the same c

5 Cheap Transfer Signings this Season

This has been the season where transfer prices have skyrocketed to astronomical amounts. The world record transfer of Paul Pogba to Manchester United last year has comprehensively been broken with PSG signing Neymar for €222 million . The English Premier league is flush with cash after the